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Win a Copy of The Biblical Canon Lists by John Meade

Phoenix Seminary
June 25, 2018

Next up in our Faculty Book Giveaway is the co-authored book by John Meade, The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity: Texts and Analysis published by Oxford University Press. In this one book are all the earliest lists that show which books early Christians acknowledged as canonical. See the description below and read more about canon lists from an earlier post by Dr. Meade.

Canon Lists book on a shelf

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About the Book

The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity provides an accessible presentation of these early canon lists. With a focus on the first four centuries, the volume supplies the full text of the canon lists in English translation alongside the original text, usually Greek or Latin, occasionally Hebrew or Syriac. Edmon L. Gallagher and John D. Meade orient readers to each list with brief introductions and helpful notes, and they point readers to the most significant scholarly discussions. The book begins with a substantial overview of the history of the biblical canon, and an entire chapter is devoted to the evidence of biblical manuscripts from the first millennium. This authoritative work is an indispensable guide for students and scholars of biblical studies and church history.


"The major benefit of this book is that, for each list included, the authors give a brief introduction, and the actual text in the original language and with an English translation, plus copious notes.  In one handy volume, you have pretty much all the key evidence, which makes this volume a unique contribution."

Larry Hurtado, former Professor of New Testament Language, Literature & Theology, University of Edinburgh

"I think the volume is completely worth the reader’s time. ... Fortunately, here, readers find all the essential lists in one location and don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to track them down in various places and volumes.  For that alone our authors are to be thanked."

Jim West, Lecturer in Biblical and Reformation Studies, Ming Hua Theological College / Charles Stuart University

About John Meade

Dr. John Meade joined the Phoenix Seminary Faculty in 2012. He teaches courses in Hebrew Language and Old Testament Literature. He also teaches elective courses on the Septuagint, the Apocrypha, the Canon of Scripture, and Biblical Theology. You can learn more about him at his faculty page.

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