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The Mentoring Initiative

At Phoenix Seminary, we believe that intentional discipleship is vital for students as they progress through their degree program. Ideally, students should be in a mentoring relationship, perhaps with their pastor, elder or other mature believer who can encourage them towards greater Christlikeness and ministry effectiveness.

Continued Formation for Ministry

Phoenix Seminary is committed to preparing men and women to be leaders with integrity—leaders who recognize their calling to live exemplary lives for His glory—leaders who know that such a calling requires purity and godly character. And growth in godly character and Christlikeness does not happen in isolation.

The Mentoring Initiative at Phoenix Seminary is designed to encourage students, especially those who may not currently be in a mentoring relationship, to engage in discipleship that is focused on continuing formation for ministry.

Mentoring groups, led by various seminary faculty and staff, are offered every semester. They are not required for students to be part of, rather they’re simply something the seminary offers students who would like to engage in this kind of discipleship and community. Mentoring groups are set at a maximum of 10 participants, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thoughtfully engage and benefit from group discussion and prayer. Students have the opportunity to sign up for a mentoring group ahead of each coming semester.
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