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Scholarship with a Shepherd’s Heart

Phoenix Seminary and The Gospel Coalition Arizona have partnered together to create The Eunice Initiative, a strategic 3-year program aimed at teaching women to teach for generational impact. Timothy’s mother, Eunice, provides a type of generational link for us to emulate as a woman who learned the faith from her mother Lois and then shared the gospel with her son Timothy (2 Timothy 1:5). Phoenix Seminary professors, local pastors, and female leaders will provide a mixture of theological instruction and practical training to equip women to better serve their local churches, homes, and communities for future generations.

Inspired by a program of RTS Orlando, our unique program focuses on two different but equally important areas—principles and practicals. Each year will begin with Phoenix Seminary faculty introducing students to the principles of teaching: hermeneutics (year 1), theology (year 2), and Contemporary Issues (year 3).

For the remainder of each year, we will turn to the practicals of teaching the Bible. Using a format similar to The Charles Simeon Trust, women will learn to teach a variety of genres: Gospel of Mark (year 1), Ephesians (year 2), and Habakkuk (year 3). Our goal is to help students grow in their ability to rightly understand the Scriptures in their original contexts, exalt Christ, and develop relevant applications for their listeners.



This training is for any woman who aspires to teach or currently teaches the Scriptures.


The Eunice Initiative is a 3-year program that can be started during any year. We are currently registering for year 2 curriculum. You do not have to have attended year 1 in order to register.

  • Year 1: Hermeneutics (held in 2020) & The Gospel of Mark

    • Basic Hermeneutics, Old Testament, New Testament, The The Grand

      Story/Theological Funnel

  • Year 2: Systematic Theology (2021/22) & Ephesians

    • Trinity, Christology, Holy Spirit, Salvation, End Times

  • Year 3: Contemporary Issues (2022/23) & Habakkuk

    • Ethics, Women in Ministry, LGBTQIA, Theological Triage


Classes will be held in-person from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. A video of the lectures will be made available to registered students at a later date. We will not be live-streaming this year.

  • Tuesday, August 24th

  • Tuesday, September 21st

  • Tuesday, October 19th

  • Tuesday, November 9th

    (no class in December)

  • Tuesday, January 18th

  • Tuesday, February 15th

  • Tuesday, March 15th

  • Tuesday, April 19th

  • Tuesday, May 17th


  • Fall classes (August to November) will be held at Phoenix Seminary, 7901 E. Shea Blvd, Scottsdale

  • Spring classes (January to May) will be held at 3900 E. Stanford Drive, Paradise Valley


The cost of the Eunice Initiative is $200 per year.

There are limited scholarships available. If possible, we encourage you to look to your home church first for scholarship assistance. Students will be required to purchase textbooks, and we have some scholarship money available for books also. If finances will limit you in any way, please reach out to us.


Introduction to the Course

Theological Method

The Trinity: One God, Three Persons


Assignments: Grudem, chapter 14

Person of Christ

Work of Christ


Assignments: Grudem, chapters 26–27

Person of the Holy Spirit

Work of the Holy Spirit


Assignments: Grudem, chapter 30

Golden Chain of Salvation




Assignments: Grudem, chapters 32, 36, 38

Four Major Positions on the Millennium

New Heavens, New Earth


Assignments: Grudem, chapter 55, 57

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