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Synergos of Phoenix Seminary recognizes those who have labored with us to raise up faithful pastors to share the Gospel in the Southwest and around the world.
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Co-Laboring for the Gospel

Synergos comes from the Greek word which means “fellow laborer.” Paul used this word often to refer to those who helped him take the Gospel throughout the ancient world. And your New Testament is full of these names, which are often skipped over. Names like Ephaphroditus, Junia, Phoebe, and others. Had it not been for these faithful fellow laborers, Paul simply could not have accomplished the mission Christ set for him. And yet, we do not know much about them. But God does. It is a powerful reminder that to fulfill the Great Commission, it takes the entire body of Christ. For every Paul, there are countless people behind him supporting his ministry.

Synergos is inspired by the fellow laborers of the early church—both those who are known to us through Scripture, and those whose contributions are known only to God—while challenging those in our time to carry on their tradition of co-laboring for the Gospel.
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God uses both the Pauls and the Junias, working together, to accomplish his mission. Likewise, God calls us in our day to co-labor to advance the Gospel. After your local church, one of the greatest kingdom investments you can make is to support the training of pastors, counselors, and missionaries.

Levels and Benefits


$1,000 in Annual Giving
News and updates from the desk of the President; invitations to VIP events and campus chapel services; lapel pin and private campus tours (upon request).

Fellow Partners

$5,000 in Annual Giving
All of the benefits above; plus invitations to a quarterly Zoom call with the Seminary’s leadership; invitations to exclusive Backyard Events; access to specially-curated Seminary-branded merchandise.

Fellow Laborers

$10,000 in Annual Giving
All of the benefits above and the opportunity to have one personally-scheduled meeting per year with the Seminary’s president.


$25,000 in Annual Giving
All of the benefits above, plus personalized, signed copies of books by Seminary Faculty upon publication, a special invitation to attend the President’s Gathering—a retreat with the Seminary’s leadership and other financial partners.


$1,000 in Annual Giving
All of the benefits above, plus an annual private dinner with the Seminary’s Board and Leadership.

Legacy Ambassadors

$500,000 in Lifetime Giving or Pledged Legacy Gift
Same benefits as the Patron Level.
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