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Scholarship with a Shepherd’s Heart

Faith Seeking Understanding

A Phoenix Seminary Podcast

PS Podcast

Faith Seeking Understanding is a podcast from Phoenix Seminary, helping Christians grow in their understanding of the faith. Hosted by Brian Arnold, President of Phoenix Seminary.

Brian Arnold

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Recent Episodes

How Does The Bible Fit Together? – A Discussion with Dr. Stephen Wellum

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Stephen Wellum, professor of Christian Theology at Southern Seminary, about how to make sense of the Bible’s overarching story. Conversation topics include: How not to read the Bible. The Bible’s 6 major covenants and how they fit together from Adam to Christ. The role of Israel and the church in God’s…


What Doctrines are Worth Dying For? – A Conversation with Gavin Ortlund

Dr. Arnold interviews Pastor Gavin Ortlund, author of *Finding the Right Hills to Die On* about how we prioritize Christian doctrines, and he answers the question, “Which doctrines are worth dying for?” Conversation topics include: Are some doctrines more important than others? Theological triage (categories for ranking doctrines) What are the first rank doctrines? (The…


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