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Scholarship with a Shepherd’s Heart

Faith Seeking Understanding

A Phoenix Seminary Podcast

PS Podcast

Faith Seeking Understanding is a podcast from Phoenix Seminary, helping Christians grow in their understanding of the faith. Hosted by Brian Arnold, President of Phoenix Seminary.

Brian Arnold

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Recent Episodes

What is an Evangelical? – Thomas Kidd

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Kidd about the confusion over the term evangelicalism and how it has come to be used in modern culture. Topics of conversation include: Why is it so hard to define the word evangelical? What are some distinguishing marks of evangelicalism? How did evangelicalism become so intertwined with politics? What are some…


Is God a Moral Monster? – J. Michael Thigpen

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Thigpen about how Christians can make sense of Old Testament texts that describe God’s judgment. Topics of conversation include: Why do we need a God who judges? How do we understand God’s justice in light of the killing of infants? How should these Old Testament stories of judgment cause us to…


How Should Christians Engage Culture? – Darrell Bock

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Bock about how Christians can engage the culture while keeping the gospel central. Topics of conversation include: Some of the inventions that have led to major cultural shifts in recent history. The difference in cultural perspectives between the generations. What it should look like to love our country and still live…


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