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Faith Seeking Understanding

A Phoenix Seminary Podcast

PS Podcast

Faith Seeking Understanding is a podcast from Phoenix Seminary, helping Christians grow in their understanding of the faith. Hosted by Brian Arnold, President of Phoenix Seminary.

Brian Arnold

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Recent Episodes

Why Is Western Society Eroding? – Carl Trueman

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Trueman about his latest book, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self. Topics of conversation include: How has the philosophy of Western society developed and evolved throughout history? In what ways do the works of Charles Taylor, Philip Rieff, and Alasdair MacIntyre help us understand the nature of the world…


Why Did Jesus Ascend to Heaven? – Patrick Schreiner

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Schreiner about the doctrine of the ascension. Topics of conversation include: Why is Jesus’s ascension such good news for believers? How did the ascension continue Jesus’s work in his role as Prophet? How did the ascension continue Jesus’s work in his role as Priest? How did the ascension continue Jesus’s work…


What is the Church? – Gregg Allison

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Allison about the doctrine of the church. Topics of conversation include: Six characteristics of a church. How to structure a church in order to allow a congregation to contextualize the gospel and still remain biblically faithful. Encouragement for pastors experiencing the pervasive lack of trust in the church today. Resources for…


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