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Scholarship with a Shepherd’s Heart

Faith Seeking Understanding

A Phoenix Seminary Podcast

PS Podcast

Faith Seeking Understanding is a podcast from Phoenix Seminary, helping Christians grow in their understanding of the faith. Hosted by Brian Arnold, President of Phoenix Seminary.

Brian Arnold

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Recent Episodes

Is Mormonism Christian? – Corey Miller

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Miller on the topic of Mormonism and how it differs from Christianity. Topics of conversation include: The history of Mormonism Key distinctives of Mormon theology Significant differences between Mormonism and Christian orthodoxy Ways for Christians to engage Mormons and share the gospel with them Dr. Corey Miller the president and CEO…


Did Jesus Go to Hell? – Matthew Emerson

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Emerson on the topic of where Jesus went after he died. Topics of conversation include: Why did Jesus descend to the realm of the dead? How do we understand controversial passages, such as 1 Peter 3 and Philippians 2? What doctrines are connected to our understanding of Jesus’s descent? How do…


Can We Know What God is Like? – Steve Duby

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Duby on the topic of who God is and what he is like. Topics of conversation include: What are some challenges we face when trying to learn about God? How does knowing Christ impact our ability to know God? What are some incommunicable attributes of God? Does God experience emotions? How…


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