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What is Systematic Theology? – Wayne Grudem

By Phoenix Seminary | Jan 4, 2021 |

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Wayne Grudem about systematic theology. Conversation topics include: What are some of the sources we can use when discerning what the Bible teaches about a particular topic? How can we put doctrinal theology together in a logical way? Can we understand the Bible? What are some of the updates and features…

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Has the New Testament Been Changed? – Dr. Peter Gurry

By Phoenix Seminary | Dec 29, 2020 |

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Peter Gurry about the trustworthiness of the Bible. Conversation topics include: How did we get the Bible? What are textual variants? Can we have confidence in the Bible? What modern translations are most faithful? Peter Gurry (@pjgurry) serves as Assistant Professor of New Testament at Phoenix Seminary. And he’s also a…

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How Do We Pray in Accordance with God’s Will? – Costi Hinn

By Phoenix Seminary | Dec 22, 2020 |

Dr. Arnold interviews Costi Hinn about prayer and God’s will. Conversation topics include: What is God’s will, and how do I know if I’m doing it? What is the difference between God’s secret will and his revealed will? What is prayer? Costi Hinn (@costiwhinn) serves as executive pastor of discipleship at Redeemer Bible Church in…

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How Do I Read My Bible? – Nate Pickowicz

By Phoenix Seminary | Dec 15, 2020 |

Dr. Arnold interviews Nate Pickowicz about his new book, How to Eat Your Bible, and how to cultivate an appetite for the life-long study of God’s Word. Conversation topics include: What keeps people from reading the Bible. Basic principles for Bible reading (reading, studying, and applying God’s word). How to meditate on and memorize God’s…

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What Does it Mean to Say The Bible is Inerrant? – Dr. Robert Yarbrough

By Phoenix Seminary | Dec 1, 2020 |

  Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Robert Yarbrough about the Bible’s divine origin, its truthfulness, and its reliability. Conversation topics include: What do we mean when we talk about the doctrine of inerrancy, and what don’t we mean? How do we answer the charge that the doctrine of inerrancy is circular? How do we answer the…

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How Do We Make Holistic Disciples of Jesus? – Dr. J.T. English

By Phoenix Seminary | Nov 24, 2020 |

Dr. Arnold interviews JT English, Pastor of Storyline Church in Arvada, CO, on retrieving a biblical vision for discipleship in the context of the local church and how teaching people the story of the Bible is essential for producing mature believers in Christ. Conversation topics include: The role of learning in discipleship. The three buckets…

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Why Did God Become Man? – Dr. Stephen Wellum

By Phoenix Seminary | Nov 17, 2020 |

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Stephen Wellum (Professor of Christian Theology at Southern Seminary) about the Bible’s teaching that Christ is both God and man and yet remains one person. This amazing mystery is called the doctrine of the incarnation. Conversation topics include: What does it mean to say that Christ has two natures, yet remains…

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How Does The Bible Fit Together? – A Discussion with Dr. Stephen Wellum

By Phoenix Seminary | Nov 10, 2020 |

Dr. Arnold interviews Dr. Stephen Wellum, professor of Christian Theology at Southern Seminary, about how to make sense of the Bible’s overarching story. Conversation topics include: How not to read the Bible. The Bible’s 6 major covenants and how they fit together from Adam to Christ. The role of Israel and the church in God’s…

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What Doctrines are Worth Dying For? – A Conversation with Gavin Ortlund

By Phoenix Seminary | Nov 3, 2020 |

Dr. Arnold interviews Pastor Gavin Ortlund, author of *Finding the Right Hills to Die On* about how we prioritize Christian doctrines, and he answers the question, “Which doctrines are worth dying for?” Conversation topics include: Are some doctrines more important than others? Theological triage (categories for ranking doctrines) What are the first rank doctrines? (The…

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