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Phoenix Seminary Welcomes Dr. Owen Anderson as Visiting Scholar

Phoenix Seminary
August 21, 2019

Dr. Owen Anderson is professor of philosophy and religious studies at Arizona State University and will be a visiting scholar at Phoenix Seminary during the 2019–2020 school year while he is on sabbatical from ASU.

Dr. Anderson is the author of seven books on philosophy, natural theology, and politics, including Benjamin B. Warfield and Right Reason (University Press of America, 2005) and, most recently, The Declaration of Independence and God: Self-Evident Truths in American Law (Cambridge University Press, 2017). He lives in Phoenix and attends Westminster Fellowship Church with his family.

Dr. Anderson has taught adjunct for Phoenix Seminary in the past and, during this time as a visiting scholar, he will be working on two projects. One is about the role of general revelation in Christian thought and the knowledge of God. The other is a philosophical commentary on the book of Job as wisdom literature.

He is especially eager to meet with students during his time at Phoenix Seminary and help them think about the relevance of philosophical questions for pastoral ministry. He is the research director at Clarity Fund and has a weekly video series called “Hiking with Anderson” that covers topics in Christian philosophy. This Fall, he will be leading a lunchtime reading discussion group with Dr. Brian Arnold on the last Tuesday of the month. They will be reading Charles Taylor’s The Secular Age. All are welcome to attend. Contact Andy Clare for more info.

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