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Phoenix Seminary Launches the Faith Seeking Understanding Podcast

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Phoenix Seminary Launches the Faith Seeking Understanding Podcast

On Friday, December 18, Phoenix Seminary launched its first podcast, Faith Seeking Understanding, hosted by Dr. Brian Arnold, president of the seminary and associate professor of Theology. In the podcast, Arnold interviews guests who discuss matters of theology, the Bible, and practical ministry. 

“‘Faith seeking understanding’ is a phrase taken from the medieval theologian Anslem,” said Arnold. “Both Anselm and Augustine before him taught that we must believe before we can truly understand. Many people today flip that idea and think they have to understand completely before they can believe. The Christian faith does not work this way. Christians believe by faith and then their understanding grows over time.”

Dr. Arnold’s guests have included Pastor Gavin Ortland, Dr. Steven Wellum, Pastor J. T. English, Dr. Robert. W. Yarbrough, and Pastor Nate Pickowicz. Future guests include Pastor Costi Hinn, Dr. Peter Gurry, Dr. Wayne Grudem, Dr. Jonathan Pennington, Dr. Fred Sanders, and more. Each episode addresses one key question that thinking Christians might ask—questions such as “Why did God become a man?” “Which doctrines are worth dying for?” or “What is biblical inerrancy?”

It is popular in some circles to see knowledge and understanding as a detractor from a Christian’s growth in maturity. Knowledge does puff up, but Phoenix Seminary believes a growing Christian is a learning Christian. Believing begets understanding which begets more believing. “My hope is that this podcast will encourage Christians to ask and answer questions about their faith—to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the riches of the gospel,” said Arnold. 

The Faith Seeking Understanding podcast isn’t designed for the academic, though it includes conversations with academics. Rather, the podcast is aimed at the maturing Christian who wants to grow deeper in their knowledge of the truth. “The Apostle Paul wanted to present every believer mature in Christ (Colossians 1:28),” said Arnold, “and that is our aim in the Faith Seeking Understanding podcast.”

To celebrate the launch of the podcast, Phoenix Seminary is giving away free books from the first six podcast guests. Participants can enter to win by following @PhoenixSeminary on Twitter

Faith Seeking Understanding is made possible through the generosity of the KPXQ Faith Talk 1360 radio station. Phoenix Seminary is grateful for this partnership that allows us to offer this new resource to Christians in the Valley and beyond. The show plays on KPXQ’s airwaves each Tuesday at 3 PM, and you can also subscribe to the Faith Seeking Understanding podcast at Omny Radio, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. The podcast will soon be available through other platforms like Google Play and Stitcher.

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