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New Text and Canon Institute Website Makes the Bible’s History More Accessible

Phoenix Seminary
November 8, 2021

This morning, Phoenix Seminary’s Text and Canon Institute (TCI) launched a brand-new website, The institute, which is led by Drs. John D. Meade and Peter J. Gurry, seeks to illuminate the history of the world’s most amazing book, the Bible. This unique mission is accomplished through 3 means:

  • Resources: The institute helps Christians and seekers understand and appreciate the Bible’s history using digital media, books, and conferences.
  • Research: The institute fosters responsible, biblical scholarship in publications, long-term research projects, and academic colloquia.
  • Mentorship: Institute faculty train future Christian scholars through the TCI Fellowship, a unique one-year scholarship and mentoring program for students in the seminary’s Th.M. program.

In keeping with TCI’s unique mission and strategy, the new website has been designed to be a place with engaging academic content and church resources. It will serve as the hub for TCI’s digital resources.

“Over the last few years, Drs. Meade and Gurry have established themselves as reliable guides for biblical scholars, theologians, ethicists, and pastors on issues related to the canon and the text of Scripture,” said Phoenix Seminary President Brian J. Arnold. “All theological and ethical inquiries should be rooted in Scripture. It is, therefore, imperative that we can trust the Bible and be confident in its origin. Now, with the launch of the Text and Canon Institute’s stunning website, people all over the world can access and be illuminated by the best of Christian scholarship on how we got the Bible.”

At, students, pastors, teachers, and laypeople will be able to find new articles every month on subjects that include the textual history of the Bible, its canonization, translation, and more—all written by those with expertise in their fields. To help readers with different levels of knowledge, The Text and Canon team has organized articles as either beginner, intermediate, or advanced. 

“The Text and Canon Institute fosters and produces academic research and then turns around and serves the church and wider culture by making that research accessible and engaging to students and pastors,” said Dr. Meade. “This new website with articles written by respected scholars in their fields will provide a wonderful resource for any Christian or seeker wanting answers to their questions about the Bible.”


Dr. Gurry also shared his excitement about how the new website will help the institute illuminate the Bible’s story, “Our new site gives us the ability to reach a wide audience with the incredible story of how we got the Bible. Anyone should be able to find something to help them better understand how the Scriptures were copied, canonized, and translated.”

In addition to producing articles in the areas of textual criticism and canon studies, the new TCI website will highlight upcoming events such as Academic Colloquia and the traveling Scribes and Scripture conference—an event aimed at equipping churches and college ministries to better understand the Bible’s history. The site will also feature information about the TCI Fellowship.

For more information about the Text and Canon Institute, visit, where you can subscribe to the TCI newsletter, a resource that will help you to keep up to date with news, events, and the latest articles from TCI.

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