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Master of Theology

The Th.M. in Biblical Studies is an advanced post-graduate degree intended to prepare students with the knowledge and research skills required for in-depth study of the Bible. Students will have the opportunity to grow in their use of Hebrew and Greek, as well as advance their understanding of biblical theology and current trends in biblical studies.
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Get Focused Training in Biblical Studies

Classified with research doctorates, the ThM is often an important stepping stone to the PhD degree. This degree is designed for those with an MDiv who want additional, focused training in biblical studies. Students will engage with an outstanding faculty in rigorous study of the Scriptures, be exposed to contemporary and historical biblical scholarship, learn to think critically, and communicate their ideas clearly. Due to the rigor of study and the intentionality of small class sizes, the Master of Theology is only available in our traditional campus setting.

The Master of Theology is a residential program that treasures academic community on the campus of Phoenix Seminary. We believe an excellent academic culture manifests itself in substantive interactions between faculty and students and their peers both in the classroom and outside of it. In ThM Research Seminars, we expect students to strive towards academic excellence by presenting their own work in the forms of scholarly reviews and research papers and also in constructive dialogue over the work of their peers. Good conversations that begin in class are often continued in other places on campus.


  • Full-time students may complete the Th.M. in 18 months (four consecutive semesters).
  • Phoenix Seminary M.Div. students, who meet the following requirements, may register for Th.M. courses:
    • 60 hours completed and meet the prerequisites of the Th.M. course
    • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.25
    • Complete the Th.M. admissions application
  • Th.M. Fellowships are available. Recipients of these stipends will work with Resident Faculty in areas such as teaching, exam construction, rubric development, paper grading, and research.
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Train For a Lifetime of Faithful Ministry

An ideal option for those who want to pursue a Ph.D., teach, pastor, or further academic research

Program Requirements

29 credit hours with a wide range of classes and elective courses.

Admission Requirements

Specific requirements for acceptance into the Master of Theology program.

Student Learning Outcomes

Our robust program provides the education you need for a lifetime of faithful ministry.

Program Requirements

BC600 Advanced Biblical/Theological Research Methods – 2 hours

OT6## Old Testament Seminar – 4 hours
NT6## New Testament Seminar – 4 hours
OT or NT Seminar: (Choose OT6## or NT6##) – 4 hours

MDiv Elective: (Choose BL/OT/NT6##) – 4 hours*
MDiv Elective: (Choose BL/OT/NT6##) – 4 hours*
MDiv Elective: (Choose BL/OT/NT6##) – 4 hours

BL697 Thesis 1 – 2 hours
BL698 Thesis 2 – 1 hour

*For students who are dual enrolled in the MDiv/ThM, these courses will count for 3 hours toward their MDiv program.


Admission Requirements

  • Accredited Master of Divinity degree or other graduate theological degree providing equivalent academic background
  • Language Requirements—Hebrew (9 credits) and Greek (9 credits).
  • Cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) is required.
  • Applicants are required to submit a major research paper (15–20 pages) in the Biblical Studies.

Student Learning Outcomes

Each graduate of the Master of Theology program should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate advanced proficiency in scriptural exegesis, primarily in biblical languages.
  2. Demonstrate a familiarity with the scholarship in biblical studies.
  3. Demonstrate advanced research and writing capabilities by interacting in-depth with primary and secondary literature and communicating their research effectively.

TCI Fellowship

The TCI Fellowship is a one-year scholarship and mentoring program for a student in the Phoenix Seminary ThM program who intends to pursue further study in Old or New Testament textual criticism, canon studies, or ancillary disciplines.

TCI Fellows work directly with the directors to implement the vision of the Institute and may participate with them in research, teaching, and other related duties.
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