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Scholarship with a Shepherd’s Heart

Dr. Grudem's classic bestseller - Systematic Theology - has been thoroughly revised and expanded for the first time in a second edition from Zondervan, available Dec. 8.

We've partnered with Zondervan to offer a free download of Chapter 45: The Purity and Unity of the Church which includes a new section on major doctrinal differences between Protestants and Catholics.

More ways to engage with Dr. Grudem's 2nd edition Systematic Theology

SOTgrudem book

Pre-Order Dr. Grudem's new book

The classic bestseller, completely updated to help you learn doctrine and apply it to your life, is available for pre-order.

Behind the Desk_grudem_wide

Behind the Desk interview

On December 8, Dr. Brian Arnold, President of Phoenix Seminary, interviewed Dr. Grudem on Instagram Live about his new book. Click the link below to watch the conversation.

Systematic Theology Videos

We recently sat down with Dr. Grudem to ask him questions about the new content in his 2nd Edition Systematic Theology. Over the next few weeks we'll be posting new videos on our YouTube channel.

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