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Online Lectures

Thank you for your interest in our online learning lectures featuring Old Testament 2 (Job through Malachi) course and Church History 1 (Patristic Era to the Reformation) with Brian Arnold. Below you can access all the video lectures for each class. The content for each course is displayed in the order covered in the actual online class. Click on a specific area of content and a playlist will appear with a series of lectures on that topic. If you're interested in learning more about online degrees at Phoenix Seminary, click here.
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Old Testament II

With Dr. J. Michael Thigpen
Explore Job through Malachi with Dr. Michael Thigpen, Provost of Phoenix Seminary and former Executive Director of the Evangelical Theological Society. View all of the videos for the course below to engage with Old Testament wisdom literature and the prophets, placing each book in its historical, cultural, and theological context.

Week 1: Intro

Intro to Prophetic Literature
Intro to Wisdom Literature

Week 2: Job

Overview of Job

Week 3: Psalms and Lamentations

Overview of Psalms and Lamentations

Week 4: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs

Overview of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs

Week 5: Intro to Prophetic Literature

An Overview of Prophetic Literature

Week 6: Isaiah - Part 1

Overview of Isaiah - Part 1

Week 7: Isaiah - Part 2

Overview of Isaiah - Part 2

Week 8: Jeremiah - Part 1

Overview of Jeremiah - Part 1

Week 9: Jeremiah - Part 2

Overview of Jeremiah - Part 2

Week 10: Ezekiel - Part 1

Overview of Ezekiel - Part 1

Week 11: Ezekiel - Part 2

Overview of Ezekiel - Part 1

Week 12: Daniel

Overview of Daniel

Week 13: The Twelve - Part 1

Overview of The Twelve - Part 1

Week 14: The Twelve - Part 2

Overview of The Twelve - Part 2

Church History I

With Dr. Brian Arnold
Explore key figures from church history and theological developments from the Patristic era up to the Reformation. In these lectures, you'll also learn how the study of history impacts current theological discussion and church practice.

Week 1: Intro

Intro & Syllabus
Intro to Church History
Backgrounds of Early Christianity

Week 2: The Early Church

The Spread of the Church
The Apostolic Fathers
Trouble Without: Christians and the Empire

Week 3: A Defense and Deposit of the Faith

The Apologists
The Parting of Ways
Gnosticism and Montanism

Week 4: Canon and the 3rd Century

Irenaeus of Lyons
The Canon
North African Christianity and the 3rd Century

Week 5: 3rd Century and Worship in the Early Church

North African Christianity, Second Lecture
Worship in the Early Church
Constantine the Great

Week 6: The Imperial Church

Alexander, Arius, and Athanasius
The Cappadocians
Important Fathers of the Nicene and Post-Nicene Church

Week 7: Nicea to Chalecedon

Nicea to Chalcedon

Week 8: Research Paper

About the Research Paper

Week 9: Augustine of Hippo

Augustine of Hippo

Week 10: Medieval Christianity

The Middle Ages
Christianity Expands
The Rise of Islam

Week 11: Medieval Christianity Continued

The Carolingians
The Crusades

Week 12: Anselm and Aquinas

Anselm of Canterbury
Aquinas, the Dumb Ox

Week 13: The Catholic Church in the Middle Ages

The Catholic Church in the Middle Ages
Religious Devotion in the Middle Ages

Week 14: Pre-Reformation

Discussion of Final Exam
The Night Before the Reformation: Centuries of Simmering
The Night Before the Reformation: Forerunners
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