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Announcing Sacred Words:
History of the Bible Conference

Phoenix Seminary
June 6, 2019

Next year, the Text & Canon Institute plans to host its inaugural, church conference, Sacred Words: History of the Bible Conference on February 21–22 at First Baptist Church Tempe. Learn from internationally known speakers about how the Bible has been copied, collected, and confessed as God’s trustworthy and sacred words.

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time and its influence on Western culture is beyond compare. But how did this collection of ancient books written and then copied over millennia become the Bible we now know? Why were some books included and not others? How has copying by hand affected the text of our Bibles?

To answer these questions, the TCI has assembled a team of Bible scholars to be our plenary speakers: Dr. Daniel Wallace (Dallas Theological Seminary), Dr. Peter Gentry (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), and Dr. Stephen Dempster (Crandall University); and an excellent slate of breakout presentations by Dr. Darian Lockett (Biola University), Dr. Jeff Cate (California Baptist University), Dr. Anthony Ferguson (Gateway Seminary and California Baptist University), and Timothy Mitchell (PhD Student at University of Birmingham), talks that provide further detail about how we got our Bible and why we can trust it.

We expect the venue to sell out, so register soon at the early bird rate of $20 through October 31.

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