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The Phoenix Seminary Text & Canon Institute produces academic research and church resources that illuminate the origin of the Bible. We do this through publications, mentoring, academic colloquia, church conferences, and digital resources.

Learn more in the directors’ interview with the Logos Academic Blog and the Bible & Stuff podcast.

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Institute Events & Initiatives

Scribes & Scripture Conferences

A traveling conference from the Text & Canon Institute's directors that explains how we got the Bible. Designed for churches, college ministries, and other groups, explore how a set of books written in multiple languages by dozens of authors across thousands of years became the Bible we know and trust today.

ThM Fellowship

The Text & Canon Institute Fellowship is a one-year scholarship and mentoring program for a student in the Phoenix Seminary ThM program. Preference is given for those who intend to pursue doctoral studies in Old or New Testament textual criticism, canon studies, or ancillary disciplines.

Colloquium: March 11–12, 2021

Twenty five years after Oxford’s Rich Seminar sparked a renaissance of research on Origen’s Hexapla, the Phoenix Seminary Text & Canon Institute will host Origen scholars from around the world for its first colloquium to study his remarkable textual scholarship and its reception in late antiquity.

Sacred Words Video

The Phoenix Seminary Text & Canon Institute was pleased to host its inaugural Sacred Words conference February 21–22. With over 500 who registered, attendees came from as far away as Illinois and Alabama to learn from evangelical scholars like Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, Peter J. Gentry, and Stephen Dempster about how we got the Bible.

You can watch all the speakers from the main auditorium at our YouTube channel.


Dr. John Meade
Assoc. Professor of Old Testament

John Meade (PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) teaches Old Testament language and literature courses along with Greek electives and Biblical Theology at Phoenix Seminary. He is a contributor of the Hexapla Institute for which his A Critical Edition of the Hexaplaric Fragments of Job 22–42 (Peeters) has been published as the first volume in the series. He is co-author of The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity (OUP) and is also a Member at Large of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies and co-chairs the Steering Committee for the Septuagint Studies section at the Evangelical Theological Society.  Learn more →

Dr. Peter Gurry
Asst. Professor of New Testament

Peter Gurry (PhD, University of Cambridge) teaches courses in Greek Language and New Testament literature. He is the author of A Critical Examination of the Coherence-Based Genealogical Method in New Testament Textual Criticism (Brill) and an editor of Myths and Mistakes in New Testament Textual Criticism (IVP). He has published his work in New Testament Studies and Novum Testamentum and has worked to digitize and edit manuscripts with the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts and the Museum of the Bible. He is also a Board Member for the Institute for Biblical Research and a sub-editor in text and canon for Religious Studies ReviewLearn more →

Advisory Board

Peter J. Gentry
Donald L. Williams Professor of Old Testament Interpretation
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Charles E. Hill
John R. Richardson Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity
Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando)

Dirk Jongkind
Academic Vice Principal, Tyndale House (Cambridge)
Fellow of St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge

Daniel B. Wallace
Executive Director, Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts
Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

P. J. Williams
Principal, Tyndale House (Cambridge)
Chair of the International Greek New Testament Project

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