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Designed for experienced ministry practitioners, our Doctor of Ministry is a flexible program designed to increase the effectiveness of those already engaged in church, para-church, local and global ministry.

Phoenix Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry degree program is a learning environment in which your ministry experience is leveraged to attain mentor-level wisdom and expertise. Doctoral work in ministry is about reflective practice in a collegial setting.

Our Doctor of Ministry program allows you to remain in the location where you are ministering. One-week intensive courses are the core of the course curriculum making travel requirements minimal. Through a consortial arrangement with Western Seminary (Portland, OR), you will be able to take classes from Phoenix Seminary or Western Seminary toward your DMin in order to take advantage of specialized courses.

The combination of study and research, 4-5 day intensive residencies, and pre- and post-residency assignments allow currently serving leaders to not only continue their work, but to integrate it into their Doctoral program.

The uniqueness of our DMin program includes flexibility to stay connected in ministry. Professors engaged in current ministry bring life experience to the classroom. Finally, intentional mentoring by world-renowned faculty and local church leaders rounds out the program.

30 credits hours required for graduation.

Admission Requirements include ATS-approved MDiv degree or its equivalent, including at least three semester hours of both Greek and Hebrew, with a grade point average of 3.0 from an accredited institution.

At least three years of ministry experience completed after receiving the MDiv and evidence of capacity for an advanced level of competence and reflection.

Program Details

Program Requirements

DM711   Contemporary Theological Issues

DM787   DMin Project Research and Design

DM792   Doctoral Project #1

DM793   Doctoral Project #2

DM794   Doctoral Project #3

               Doctoral Electives (Choose six)

DM703   Strategic Leadership
DM707   Cultivating a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church Community
DM708   Communicating Christ to a Post-Everything World
DM752   Counseling in Contemporary Culture
DM754   Counseling Dysfunctional Families
DM760   Spiritual Replenishment for the Experienced Ministry Leader
DM786   Renewing and Revitalizing the Static Church
DM790   Conflict Management


Degree Program
Student Learning Outcomes

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