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Graduate Diploma in Biblical and Theological Studies

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The Graduate Diploma provides foundational biblical education for those in support roles or non-vocational ministries. It is ideal for Elders and lay leaders who are seeking to improve their understanding of Scripture. It is not intended for those in vocational pastoral or teaching ministries.

The Graduate Diploma also provides seminary studies on a trial basis for persons who wish to test their gifts and skills with a view toward further preparation for full-time Christian ministry. Graduate Diploma course work may later be applied toward a master’s degree program.

Program Details

Typical Courses

BIBLICAL LITERATURE: 10 CREDITSBC498 Graduate Research and Writing

BL501 Principles for Biblical Interpretation

BL502 Survey of the Pentateuch

BL505 Survey of the Gospels

Choose one of the following: BL503, BL504, BL506, BL507


TH501 God, Scripture, Revelation and the Holy Spirit

Choose one of the following: TH502 or TH503


Degree Program
Student Learning Outcomes

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